Self Story#3- Socioeconomic Status

An array of colours fill the streets as I walk briskly downtown in Winnipeg. As I continued across the streets I noticed sweet harmonies swirling towards me. I wondered what it could be. I kept walking and noticed a big, smiley, worn down man, singing sweetly with a metal jar in front of him. 

My mom and I decided to stand by and listen. As I stood and listened and began to wonder why he was sitting on the street. I was also curious as to why he didn’t change his clothes. After he finished performing my mother handed me some change to throw into his metal jar. I gently tossed the change in the empty jar and his eyes lit up with happiness. It confused me as to why such a minuscule amount of money made him so happy. My mother explained to me that he was homeless.

Homeless, meaning no shelter over his head at night, no food or water, money or clothes. This concept saddened me as a child. As we walked to the mall I started realizing all the things that I took for granted that many people don’t have. I wanted to do everything I could to help the man but there’s only so much you can do. After seeing this man this is when my socioeconomic status came clear. Socioeconomic status is what divides the people. Socioeconomic status is what was caused by colonization. Before colonization there were no systems or structures. Only unity. Unfortunately colonization has already happened and society has to deal with the consequences that the division of socioeconomic status has. In conclusion this moment in my life as a child made me really be cautious and be grateful for all the things that I have and try not to take it for granted

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